The secret of the steel

Hello Sports friend


Anyone who seeks it will find it, the secret of the steel!
It is everywhere there are weights! It does not have
to be a modern health club, the ones who is lucky enough
to visit one is probably well equipped but for others there
is no difference in tracking this secret down.
After a thorough stretching program you can continue with
a dumbbell or barbell with proper technique.

For beginners is very important that you move the weight slow and clean with 2 to 3 sets of 10-15 reps.
Feel the energy that results from it.
Here you can find different exercises by (

It is also important to eat healthy to make you feel good
all over! Stefan Gladu mit Langhantel(dairy products, fruits, vegetables, occasionally meat or fish combined with all types of cereals).

Get enough sleep. Do not drink too much alcohol,
and you will find it, the secret of steel.
Once you have found the secret, you will feel strong
and remain healthy until old age!
Enjoy your journey searching the secret of the steel.