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Hi there,

Fit and happy?
Thanks to my more than 35 years of experience along with
8 years of Gym leadership (Power Gym Gladu) and
countless Championships with clear victory and
overall victory including the World Championship at
Graz 1998 (Powerlifting) and World Championship at
New York 2005 (Natural-Bodybuilding) (see stage), at
55+ i am still motivated to workout.

Last victory 2013 at the SM in the class Over 40 (SNBF).

Now you too can benefit from my experience and
SNBF 2005, Overall Winner
I am happy to advise you as a Personal Trainer
at the World Wide Web, Gym or Outside!Cool
if it is your desire to get in shape then please
contact me via E-Mail.
(see below request form)
or train with my page The secret of the steel.

For advanced users, click here for the Workout Plans
Bodystyling Woman & men, Off-Season or Championship-Preparation.

apply my recommendations immediately for
a longer period of time and use them with discipline!
Combined with a healthy diet you will reach your goals soon.

workout-technique, motivations, determination, fun
the way to success (100% satisfaction guaranty)

Online & Gym:
$ 69.99 per hours
$ 99.99 per hours
workout plan, nutrition and sport nutrition-consulting

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SNBF 2013, Master Over 40 your Personal TrainerCash in advance
Im Zentrum 1. 9300 Wittenbach, Switzerland
CH61 8080 8004 8609 1946 0
Bankclearing: 81323
Swift/ Bic Code: RAIFCH22

Safe Online: Wise

Your Personal Trainer Stefan Gladu.
(Have fun)


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